“Our goal is to create quality architecture, no matter the project.”

Creating wonderful spaces for over 25 years, Robert Levy + Associates has evolved into a specialist for custom residential architecture. Our projects include the renovation/addition to existing homes, the creation of new residences, and the interior modification to individual high-rise condominium units.

Our practice is based on the philosophy that “Form Follows Function”. We listen to our Client’s requirements and create an environment that fits their particular lifestyle. Only after the home flows on the inside do we worry about what it looks like on the outside.

Our Firm’s favorite Architectural style or preference is our Client’s style for their particular project. There is always excitement in creating details for English, French, Mediterranean, Art Deco, and/or Contemporary Residences. Quality Architecture is created, no matter the style.

The majority of our business portfolio comes through the recommendations of Clients, Contractors, Interior Designers, and Realtors whom we have had the pleasure of previously collaborating with.

A passion for quality Architecture, details, and materials; a non-egotistical attitude; and the desire to make the design/construction process enjoyable or at least less stressful for the Client has helped RL+A earn an excellent reputation in the industry.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can assist you with your personal project.

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